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Blass Nova

Imagination meets inspiration

Peter Danczkay Portrait

Peter Danczkay

CEO / Designer

Peter Danczkay, our chief designer and lighting expert, draws inspiration from the most magnificent light fixture in the universe: the sun. While earning his degree in astronomy, Peter was captivated by the beauty of the natural, homogenous, multidirectional light of the Sun.

The creative and inspired use of light is perfected by detailed designs stemming from Peter’s background in engineering. The fabrication of each handcrafted luminaire is directly supervised, and meticulously cared for by Peter from conception through installation.
In addition to the standard light fixtures created by Oleant, Peter relishes in any opportunity to design custom lighting for both residential and commercial customers.

Peter has been designing lighting for those with discerning taste for over 20 years and continues to perfect his craft in Budapest, Hungary celebrated by customers for his quality, creativity, and ingenuity.