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S/ALON Budapest - Get inspired like never before

Updated: May 11, 2022

You can get inspired in many places, just walk the streets of Budapest. The most focused, however, is always a design event, especially if you still consider yourself a design addict, you are sure to attend many exhibitions on the subject.

S/ALON Budapest, held for the second time this year, has brought to life 8 defining styles through fashionable installations. The clear North Summer, the playful Memphis, the harmonious Wabi-sabi, the semi-natural Biophilia, the feminine Feminin, the brilliant Charmeur, the raw Industrial and the dreamy Traveler styles have progressively introduced current trends to inspire visitors.

Thanks to Tímea Kincses interior designer, we were able to participate as an exhibitor with our Oleant Olala and Oleant Blass lamps, but our entry is more about the impact on us.

It's a bit like going into a candy store. The colors, the glitter, the many shapes don't let you get stuck at one. So we were here with S/ALON Budapest. Timi Kincses's booth was pretty much in the middle of the exhibition, if you could define the locations in such a space; but when the exhibition opened, it was almost an hour and a half before I got to it.

After entering the space, he was confronted with a constellation of the name of Szendrey Zselyke - the stark contrasting mouths on the wall, the geometry of the couch and armchair were sure to leave no one behind. It was a spectacular sight.

Among my colorful wallpapers, deep dark colors, grandiose plants, the velvet world, my other big favorite was Hanna Fügedi and Lilla Szatlóczki Lilla (BLUSHFLOW).

Walking between the style spaces, I was thinking of new ideas and shapes, or just putting our products in a space. I have to say, ours is really a timeless style! Even with the "imperfect beauty" of Wabi-Sabi, I imagined our Blass Genesis lamp, the pure beauty of our sun-inspired floor lamp, can blend seamlessly into its surroundings and stand out from it.

The fragrance of the entire exhibition space, the underlying music was just icing on the cake, making dreaming even more comfortable.

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