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Imagination meets inspiration More about our philosophy

Peter Danczkay
Peter Danczkay
The creator
Peter Danczkay, our chief designer and lighting expert, draws inspiration from the most magnificent light fixture in the universe: the sun. While earning his degree in astronomy, Peter was captivated by the beauty of the natural, homogenous, multidirectional light of the Sun.
The creative and inspired use of light is perfected by detailed designs stemming from Peter’s background in engineering. The fabrication of each handcrafted luminaire is directly supervised, and meticulously cared for by Peter from conception through installation.
In addition to the standard light fixtures created by Oleant, Peter relishes in any opportunity to design custom lighting for both residential and commercial customers.
Peter has been designing lighting for those with discerning taste for over 20 years and continues to perfect his craft in Budapest, Hungary celebrated by customers for his quality, creativity, and ingenuity.
Our Philosophy
The Oleant philosophy is as unique as our lighting. Our sophisticated customers demand a team with creative vision, quality products, and impeccable customer service.

Vision: We do not simply design lighting. We create art. By masterfully blending together the fields of astronomy and engineering, we create lighting to perfectly illuminate any room.
Quality: The quality of our luminaires exceeds all expectations. Every Oleant luminaire is hand designed and inspected by our master craftsman, Peter Danczkay.
Service: Our one-to-one customer service initiative strives to anticipate problems before they occur, and deliver promptly on all of our customer needs. Our warranties cover all facets of the luminaire for up to five years.

Our products

Explore our range of customizable products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the approximate yearly savings calculated?
This calculation is the savings versus using standard incandescent bulbs for the same amount of lumen output. It is calculated assuming that the lamp will be used 10 hr / day, using the 2014 EU average electricity rate of 0.205 € / kWh.
It does not take into account the further savings obtainable by dimming, reduced air conditioning expense (less heat generated by the light source), and the cost of bulb replacement (our LEDs last for 50,000+ hrs vs 1000 hrs).
What are the different LED colour options?
We offer our lamps with 5 different light colour options:

1)   Warm white - 3000°K: which gives off a yellower warmer light
2)   Warm white - 3000°K: which gives off a yellower warmer light
3)   Neutral white - 4000°K: which gives off a whiter more neutral light
4)   Cool white - 6500°K: which gives off a blueish cooler light
4)   Tuneable white - 270--6500°K: which can produce any type of white
5)   RGB (Red-Green-Blue): which can produce any colour of light (more for ambience)

Depending on your application you may prefer one or the other. For home use in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, we recommend warm white.  For kitchens, bathrooms, or studies we recommend warm white or neutral white.  For office use we recommend the neutral white or cool white.
You can even combine several options, as an example: Warm White and RGB
colour temp
What colours finishes are available?
Unfortunately it is impossible to 100% accurately show the colours on your screen, and the colours seen are only an approximation. Depending on the lamp we offer different finishes:

1) Automotive painting: using te same process as that used in automotive body painting, this process is durable and the surface is very smooth and reflective.
2) Powder coating: extremely durable, but the surface is not as smooth and reflective.

Choose from our range of standard colours (sample available upon request), any RAL colour, or any automotive colour.

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