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A simple linear design to brighten any room. The Beam is complementary to all styles and spaces. The Beam can also be custom ordered in many different combinations to make your own unique vision come to life.

Beam Down is ideal for any space requiring direct lighting or which contains a feature accent piece, such as a dining room table or conference area, to highlight.

Beam Up provides indirect, even light distribution for a touch of ambiance.

Beam In and Beam Out provide one-directional, even lighting to rooms of any size, shape, or style.

Beam Wall In

Ármin. 260,00€
  • Designed by Peter Danczkay

    Materials: Aluminium frame, Policarbonate diffuser

    Light Direction: Down

    LED Life: 50 000 hrs L80/B30

    Profile dimensions: 27x30mm

    Warranty and returns: 1+4 years, Customized items policy

    Protection: IP20 (contact us for other requirements)

    Certifications: CE, RoHS

    Size (cm) 40x10 60x10 80x10
    Weight (kg) 0.4 0.5 0.7
    Wattage (W) 14 18 23
    LED lumens (@CRI 90+) 1965 2620 3280
    LED lumens (@CRI 97+) 1305 1740 2175
    Electricity Savings / year (kWh) 409 526 672
    Electricity Savings / year (€) 90 116 148
  • Should you require another format, or require a different size or shape then please contact us!

    Size (cm) 40x10 60x10 80x10
    Specification sheet PDF PDF PDF
    3D Models DWG DWG DWG DWG
    3D Models OBJ OBJ OBJ OBJ
    3D Models STP STP STP STP
    Renders jpg JPG JPG JPG JPG

    You may also download the entire Beam line in one zip package: ZIP
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